The last few days

On Thursday as soon as the kids woke we drove into Ubon for another round of jobs. They of course took longer then we expected so we ended up staying the night. We could have come home if we wanted to but I needed to do a 90 day report at immigration and had missed their opening hours. As a foreigner I need to let Immigration know where I am every 90 days that I stay in the country continuously. You can do it via mail which I did 3 weeks ago but they never sent my confirmation note back so at the risk of a 5,000 baht fine at the airport next week I decided I would have to make the 1.5 hour return drive from Ubon to Phibuun to report in the next morning.

So after finishing everything on the Friday we arrived home around 4pm. We found out that the fence builder had once again run short of supplies and wouldn’t be able to work in the morning unless I went to town to stock up on cement mix, a few bricks and some more steel. As they shut at 5pm I quickly roared into town and just made it as they were about to lock the gates. After loading up I went onto the hospital to get some more dog bite needles as a result of being bitten last month. (Part one and part two.)

I didn’t have to wait long until a nurse called me into the emergency room where they see all the outpatients. Before she could see me she took a phone call and then made a radio call. I missed most of what was said but understood enough that there had been an accident and that two patients were on their way in. As she made up the needles for me the sound of a wailing ambulance could be heard. She ran over to me and said quickly, roll up your sleeves. She gave me both needles in record time and pushed me out the door as the first patient was being rolled in. For someone who has never seen a dead body before moving here I was now looking at my second one in just the last 6 months. 

While I was waiting to pay my bill a second ambulance came in and I watched in horror as the driver missed backing the ambulance into the side of the hospital by a matter of a single inch! Thankfully this patient looked like he still had some life left in him. Off to the chemist for the strongest painkillers I could find as brother in law Khum was back in the wars again managing to steak himself with a stick that went through his gumboots and through his foot (yes right through.) He was only just starting to get back into light duties following surgery a few months ago so that is a real set back for him. They removed the stick (size of my pinkie finger) at the local health clinic and sent him home with panadaol hence my trip to the chemist for something stronger!

The next morning saw another early start and once again more driving. I loaded up the car with one wife, two daughters, 3 nieces, 1 nephew, a Father in law, two sister in laws, a bunch of bananas, three logs of wood, a dozen new sticky rice containers and a bag of rice for the drive back to Ubon. Not quite the entire way this time but almost to the outskirts of the city to visit my Father in Laws birth place and of course a whole bunch of his relatives.

We arrived at 10am and immediately sat down to a big feast. After this we went to their farm which has a dam and what turned out to be plenty of fish. I will post about this day with photos very soon. We got back home at 6pm and I was in bed by 8pm!

During these brief periods of time at home I had been unable to get on the internet at all for some reason so this morning I went to town to catch up on some work. I saw the internet shop owner down the street and he told me the shop was closed for the day which is why I had to settle for the park bench to make my most recent post. I had lunch in town before returning home via, yes you guessed it, the cement shop for ‘one last bag!’ (Blog on the fence coming soon!)

To my surprise when I got home I found the place a hive of activity as would you believe it the man doing our cupboards for the kitchen and bathroom had turned up! He has 3 young blokes with him and they spent all day sanding, sawing and fitting cupboard doors. By quitting time this afternoon I would guess that they are half way through the job so fingers crossed by tomorrow evening we may finally have a kitchen. Of course there will be a blog about that as well!

When Ariya woke from her afternoon sleep today she was quite hot so I checked her temperature which was almost 39 degrees so it looks like she may also have tonsillitis as well. If she wakes up in the morning still hot we will take her straight to the hospital. No mucking around this time like we did with Marisah as we have a flight to NZ to be on in five days time!

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  1. Memock , you are one busy bee, hope you find a little time to smell the roses as you pass by, and also I was wondering if you ever take a look at my site Retired in Thailand and Loving It , I have you on my list of blogs I follow and hope you will do the same for me , Glad things are getting done on the house Iknow what a hassle it can be at times , take care and have a good trip , Hope all the kids get well before . Malcolm

    MeMock replied “Hi Malcolm, yeah it sure has been a little frantic and will only become more so in the lead up to our trip to NZ. As soon as I can I will start a new page to show links to the blogs I read which of course will include yours. Cheers.”

  2. Poor Khum – is he on antibiotics, or is it okay, just very painful? Cant imagine it not getting infected.

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