We will be cooking with gas soon!

Ariya woke up hot so it was back off to the hospital again this morning. We could have gone to the clinic but I wanted Seerung to come to the hospital with me to quizz the staff about the needles I had the other day. Because of an emergency coming in I was pushed outside and didn’t have time to find out if she had given me both needles or just the one. She jabbed me twice but I have a feeling it was with the same needle. Sure enough that was the case so I needed to get another one today. The place was packed with well over 150 people and it looked like it would be a long wait.
I complain sometimes abut being a westerner in Thailand. Always being stared at, being charged more etc etc but sometimes it works in your favour like today. I waited about 2 minutes before being seen and Seerung quickly got the nurse to inspect Ariya who confirmed that she also has tonsillitis. Off to the chemist for more drugs then I dropped the girls home before I returned to town to the internet shop where I am now.

Back a few months ago I blogged about not having a Kitchen as we needed the gas installed and the cupboards doors/drawers built and installed as well. This also included the bathroom.
About 6 weeks ago we found someone who could do it but he was busy with another job. I mentioned yesterday that he finally showed up so it looks like we might be able to cook in our kitchen soon! I said earlier that I was hoping they would be finished by tonight but they are having some problems due to shoddy workmanship on what was already in place. Perhaps tomorrow, we shall see.

This is what the kitchen looked like 6 weeks ago.


The bathroom.


And this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon.



The wood still needs to be stained. There is saw dust everywhere and I have been sneezing like a trooper. Thankfully most of the mess is being confined to down stairs.


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