Finished! (well sort of)

The cupboards/drawers are finished…. well sort of!

By 6.30pm last night they called it a day and we sat down stairs and enjoyed a cold one and some dinner. He got everything done apart from a hic up with the two corner cupboards as the hinges weren’t correct. As soon as he gets some new ones they will be put on. The other problem was the gas hob. The power lead ended up being 2 inches short of the plug! Somboon will fix that while we are gone.

So after four months of living here when we return in 5 weeks time we will finally be able to cook in our own home which I am really looking forward to. Crouching over a bucket full of coals downstairs with my back is not an ideal way to prepare dinner (for me!)

I didn’t take any photos last night as the place was a like a bomb so took these just before we left the house this morning.




I typed this email up on Friday morning before leaving the village for Ubon but had no connection again to upload the post. I tried in Ubon and again at Bangkok airport but no luck. It is now Monday morning and we are safely in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud and half decent internet! The trip went well apart from a hic up with Royal Brunei at Bangkok but I will save that for another post either tonight or tomorrow morning as we have a busy day planned here so I need to get cracking.

6 responses to “Finished! (well sort of)

  1. Have a great time in NZ and please say hi to everyone for me!

  2. Glad you made it there safe. Say hi to your mum and dad for us, and JJ if you see her. Place will be nice to go home to. If i forget to call, say happy 60 to your mum for us. We will try and get you on skype soon.

  3. Looks good.

    Enjoy NZ =)

  4. Glad to read you made it safely to the land of the expert oval ball jugglers. The kitchen looks really chic and I know what you mean about the bucket of coals, the steaks need turning a few times. Look forward to reading your overseas posts and hope Marisah is feeling okay.

  5. A problem after everything they had already put you through, I am looking forward to the post. I hope it wasn’t too much of a pain in the butt. I don’t think they will be getting your return patronage ever again.

    So you will be cooking with gas as soon as you return, look forward to all the great pictures of delicious food.

    Hope NZ is great, I love New Zealand and the majority of the people I met there were absolutely amazing. It is truly a beautiful country.

  6. Ooh the kitchen looks really nice. Love those natural wood cabinets!!

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