Trip to New Zealand

As I said in my previous post we have made it to NZ and all things considered it was a very good trip so let me re cap.

We left home by 8.30am on Friday morning with a car load of relies including a good driver who was going to take our car back to the village for us. We stopped in Det Udom to pick up some last minute presents for the nieces and nephews and some breakfast before getting into Ubon Ratchatani around 11am. My friend was already waiting so I took him off for a tour of the city while Seerung stayed at the hotel with the girls. That afternoon we went to the park with the kids then out for dinner. Early the next day my friend and I went out for an early breakfast before the good folk from Phadaeng mansion gave us a free lift to the airport where we caught an Air Asia flight to Bangkok. We then went to the Royal Brunei counter expecting some sort of problem after our recent dealings with them. We weren’t disappointed although technically it was our fault. From being the first person to check in we ended up being one of the last because of a Credit Card issue.
The flight from Bangkok to Brunei was only 2.5 hours and was a breeze as we had a bassinet row which had a huge amount of floor space in front of our seats. All four of us could sit down comfortably and play. 1 hour stop over at Brunei and then the long 9 hours direct to Auckland which also went good. Not near as much floor space this time but enough to put Ariya down on the floor for a 6 hour sleep and Marisah slept for about 5 hours swapping between the arms of Seerung and I.
We arrived at 9am into Auckland and then drove to to my parents place at Tauranga arriving at 1pm. The girls all had an afternoon sleep before I woke them at about 6pm and then they (Yes I mean all three girls) slept from about 9pm till 10am the next morning.
I was up early and took our car the 20 minutes to town to take it over the pits so it could be registered. I then went to the bank to organise some money and also the insurance company to get the car insured. The rest of the day was spent in blissful relaxation as the kids played wonderfully with all their old toys before having an afternoon nap and the weather was just perfect, about 24 degrees. Spending time picking straberries was a highlight for the girls with more going in their mouths then in the bucket.


That afternoon my brother and his family of 4 kids and my sister and her brood of 2 all turned up (they had arrived a few days previously) and we had a great reunion. Seerung and I had seen my sister and the kids about 6 months ago but it had been almost 12 months since I had seen my brother and co and 18 months since Seerung had seen them. The kids ages are 1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 3, 5 and 6 and they all got around great which made for a god afternoon and evening.
Today (Tuesday) we went sky driving, well it was meant to be we but due to my back operation it ended up just Mum, my brother and sister. 10 years ago when my Mum turned 50 my sister and I took her skydiving and made her promise we would all do it again on her 60th which although it is in two days time we will be down the coast so organised it for today. It was good weather and they all had a great time with brother and sister going from 10,000 feet and Mum from 8,000 feet. I look forward to joining in next time, in 2019!


The kids cheering the jumpers on.

The kids cheering the jumpers on.

My brother in full flight.

My brother in full flight.

After that we all went to the beach house my sister is renting and hung out there for a bit before walking down to the beach. Ariya had really missed the beach and talked about it all the time in Thailand and was so excited when she knew we were going there. It was a real shame that things got cut short by a heavy rain storm.
Back to the shack, lunch and then took the kids home via the asian supermarket for the all inportant fish sauce for Seerung and a few other Thai essentials then to the ice cram shop for the kids and then a coffee shop for the parents!
This evening we have had a visit from my Uncle David and Auntie Jenny who are here for my Mums birthday from Australia. Dinner outside with great weather and a beautiful sunset.
Tomorrow we are off to a place called Ohope which is about 1 1/2 hours away where we have two shacks rented side my side and right on the beach for three days. It is gonna be a blast.

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  1. I’m so glad the flights were easy for you, its something I always dread. A great way to start a trip for sure.

    It sounds like you are having a terrific time with the family. Go Mum!! I would never jump out of a plane so hats off to her!

    Enjoy the beach and take care xx

  2. that’s look really nice trip

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