Papaya pok poks

Well this is what we call them in our family anyway! Papaya is the main ingredient in what would have to be the most popular food in Thailand called Som Tum which is made in a mortar and pestal which we call a pok pok as that is the sound it makes! The kids just love using them and while they aren’t up to making Som Tum just yet they are pretty good with munching up garlic and other herbs.



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  1. Memock , cute kids , enjoy them as much as you can they grow up so fast , and we have several papaya trees and som tum is a ,at least weekly treat in the Burgess housewhole. We also like ripe papaya and I have it every morning for breakfast , Ciejay cuts it in small chunks and puts it in the freezer about 10 minutes before time to eat , just like ice cream . Malcolm

  2. Love the photos of your kids, they must be your absolute pride and joy, they look like master chefs in the making.
    Papaya Pok Pok , I refer to it as Chilli Chilli Bang Bang because you drop the chillies in the mortar and bang bang with the pestle. Must admit it’s way too spicy for me.

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