Bye bye Benz

Tomorrow morning at 3.30am I set off to auckland for a 2 week trip to Australia. Most of it will be work but I am also looking forward to catching up with a few cousins while I am there. I land at Melbourne at around 9am and then need to get to a Post office and a Telstra shop. The Post office is the most important thing as I have to express post my passport to the Thai embassy in Perth. They are expecting it and have promised me a quick turn around on my visa application. I sure hope so as I need it to get back out of the country. They technically aren’t allowed to accept it I was told because I am meant to be in the state of Western Australia to apply for the visa but the very helpful staff member agreed to send my passport to a friend of mine who lives in WA who will then send it onto me in South Australia, fingers crossed.
After sorting that out we will drive the six or so hours to South Australia via my great Auntie Blanches home. She is a delightful lady who still rides her push bike around town at the age of 86!

This morning we said good bye to my brother and his wife and four kids. We have had a great time with them and it was really sad to see them go. The last few days there has been a fair bit of sickness which put a little dampener on everything but not too much. Paul and Anne managed to get away for a night to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and despite the sick kids we had a good time looking after them (Mum did most of the hard work though!) I will more then likely next see Paul in Laos but as for the others it will be Thailand or Australia and hopefully sooner rather then later. Watching my girls slowly gain confidence around their cousins was a joy to watch. They slowly came out of their shells and learnt so many new important skills being around the other girls. Ariyas drawing improved so much due to having older cousins around and her imagination skills, virtually non existent before, are now just amazing to watch. Marisah found it a little hard not being the youngest child around but by the last few days her an Abigail were getting along great. I even caught them having a great in depth baby conversation in their high chairs two nights ago!

I guess by now you may be wondering about the title of this blog. When we first arrived in NZ in 2007 we spend quite a while looking for a car to buy. In Australia owning a Mercedes Benz instantly labels you as either a show off or someone with a lot of money (or both). In New Zealand because of the lack of import taxes on cars owning a benz is no different to owning almost any other car because they are so cheap. Whilst I would never consider owning one in Australia the temptation to buy one here was too great and one eventually grabbed my attention.

It was a E240 model and I paid $9250 (165,000 baht) for it. It was a great car and served us well. We kept it at my parents place when we moved to Thailand as we were unsure of our plans but as it seems we will now be there for a while I decided to advertise it and see if I could sell it. I listed it on Trade Me only 5 days ago and about 2 hours ago it drove up the drive way with it’s new owner at the wheel. Very sad to see it go but I guess that is what change is all about.

Mercedes Benz E240

Mercedes Benz E240 2

Mercedes Benz E240 3

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  1. Goodbye to a great car but money for living your dream, seems a fair swap. Onwards to Australia and the second leg of your trip. Saying your goodbye’s must be difficult but at least the parting won’t be for too long. Great to hear the kids are growing in confidence and what a marvellous never to be forgotton adventure for them. Is there anything you are missing about Thailand ?

    MeMock replied Hi Hoo Don, what am I missing about Thailand? Some things I am not missing at all, the weather for one but one thing I am missing is the non stress that happens (or doesn’t) over there. Nothing is an issue and it all gets done eventually instead of the running around in circles I find myself doing over here.

  2. What year was it?

    MeMock replied “1998”

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