A week in Australia

What a busy week!

7 days ago my Dad, a friend of his, Peter and I arrived at Melbourne airport at 10 am, one hour late and then wasted an hour picking up baggage and a hire car. We then headed off to a local shopping centre where google and I had done our research to pin point a telstra shop (pick up a sim card) and a post office (send my passport to Perth for a Thai visa) were located.

The sim card wasn’t a problem but due to a unknown public holiday the Post Office was shut. We then pointed the car west and set off for the six hour drive to South Australia.

After a quick visit to my Auntie Blanch in western Victoria we arrived at my sisters place around 8pm after doing a quick swing by our new farm. The place looked good and we were all excited to get organised to bring it up to speed over the next two weeks.

So for the last week that is what we have done. Many meetings with local farmers and prospective share farmers, real estate agent, banks, accountants not to mention pulling down all the interior fences keep us very busy during daylight hours, after hours catching up with all the cousins, uncles and aunties have been awesome but also very tiring.

Obviously I have been missing my family a lot as well especially yesterday when I spent Sunday afternoon with three of my cousins and seven of their beautiful kids. It was great to see them all but quickly brought home how much I was missing my own.

I have four more days here before bussing it to Adelaide and then flying to Auckland to pick up the girls before the flight back to Thailand. Things are looking extremely busy for when we return and I look forward to bringing you all up to speed with what is happening back ‘home’ soon.

In the mean time I will leave you with a few pics of our new farm that we are calling ‘Dindee’.


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  1. last time I was in Melbourne South Australia was to the west

    MeMock replied “Thanks Kevin. I have amended the post. My mind must have been still in NZ to the East when I typed that.”

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