I am tired, so tired, but happy.

Settlement on the farm has gone though. All the fences are down, the new gate is up. Share farmer contracts are complete. Every cousin, second cousin, Uncle and Auntie have been visited. Farmers, real estate agents and accountants have been met with. Banks and field days have been visited. Pysio including acupuncture on my back has been had. Over 3,000 kms have been driven. I am tired.

I am now at Adelaide airport waiting for my flight to Sydney and then Auckland. I left at 3am this morning getting a ride with my brother in law who was on his way to Perth. I got dropped off at the first intersection in Adelaide where my cousin Carla met me and we went off to Glenelg for breakfast at the beach. Carla then dropped me off at the airport.

It has been a great last 12 days. I learnt a lot and am looking forward to watching with interest my first ever farming season. It was great to visit everyone once again as well. Seeing all my cousins children and how much they have grown since last time was amazing. Time with my sister and her two boys is always time well spent as was time with my Dad. Working along side him is always an adventure! What was most interesting though was listening to old stories about his time on the land and working with his brothers.

I can’t wait to see my wife and kids tomorrow (oh yeah and of course my Mum and another cousin) at Auckland before our 3am departure for Thailand.

See you back here real soon for more regular updates with a Thai favour.

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