It’s almost over

First of all many thanks to the kind emails of support here on the blog and the dozens of emails sent direct to us as well as a result of Por Yai passing away.
Although Seerung doesn’t say much I know that she appreciates it every time I tell her who made contact or read a message out to her. Mind you, there hasn’t been very many opportunities to do that this last few days as as soon as Por Yai drew his last breath funeral preparations were under way. So from Tuesday morning at 1am right up until now (Sunday night) things have been going 24 hours a day under our house and they wont finish until tomorrow.
Hundreds upon hundreds of people have travelled from far and wide to take part in some or all of the funeral ceremonies. To write about it all would take me days so I am going to have to condence it quite a lot and will split it into three parts and write about it over the next week.

Part 1 will be from his passing till the day of his cremation.
Part 2 will be the cremation
Part 3 will be everything that happened between the cremation and when his ashes were interred.

While I have caught up on most of my sleep the same cannot be said for any of the other family members. They have been going practically 24 hours a day taking naps when ever they can. At the moment they are walking around like zombies, they have lost weight and are totally exhausted. I just really hope that tomorrow is the last day and that they can finally rest after it is all done.

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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, especially with Serung and her family. May the peace of God be with you all.

  2. Seerung,Andrew and little ones thinking of you all at very sad time.Take Care.

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