Reality hit home last night.

Yesterday mid morning the final ceremony was carried out. This was when some of Dad’s bones were interred in the perimeter fence (wall) of the local temple.
Afterwards the huge clean up began. Marquees pulled down, tables removed, make shift kitchens cleaned up, cars washed etc. People that had moved in for the week gathered their belongings and headed for home. By late after noon it was so good to see all the sisters lounging around down stairs half asleep but also talking a little and finally getting to enjoy each others company. It has been five years since they have all been together.
It brought back fond memories for me remembering my Grand Fathers funeral in Australia. After it was all over the entire family ended back at his home sitting on the front lawn. We were all exhausted but we just hung out and talked, debriefed I guess it what it is called these days.
Reality really bit hard last night for Seerung and I however. Remember this man? He practically lived down stairs and was such good friends with Por Yai. One of the first to sit around the fire with him and one of the last to leave. Well last night we were out on the blacony and looking down on the street and there he was, on the other side of the road just sitting by himself. There was no fire anymore, his best friend had gone. It was heart breaking.

The three part funeral blogs will be coming soon. I am off to Bangkok and Laos for work leaving on Thursday so I am busy getting everything organised for that. A few nights in hotel rooms by myself will give me the time to get those done.

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  1. That is so sad for Por Yai’s friend – he will be so lonely making his throw nets with noone to talk to.

  2. Very sad indeed, but as we know it is part of our stay here on this wonderful place called earth , here today and gone tommorow , and I only hope we leave behind us loving memories and caring friends to miss us as did Por Yai. I’m trying in a small way to leave some footprints for my grand-kids and friends to put their feet in and say “Grand-Pa Malcolm walked here ” Malcolm

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