Lao khao, rice whisky

Yesterday I mentioned a flying 36 hour visit to the village to visit the family, pick up some more personal belongings but mainly to show Ben the ‘real Thailand’.
Picking him up at Ubon airport was the first time I had ever laid eyes on the easy going bloke from Sydney. Ben Groundwater is a Sub editor and sports journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald. He also writes a blog which gets huge amounts of web traffic called The backpacker.
A few months ago Ben blogged about heading off on a round the world trip and wanted to meet up with expats in their adopted country in the hope of seeing the real side of what ever country he was visiting.
I flicked him an email and a link to this blog inviting him to visit which is how Ben ended up in the wilds of Thailand for a few days.
It was a real shame that we had moved out of the village since he accepted my invitation but the flying visit was better then nothing. He said he had a ball and it sure did seem like it to me. In fact I had a great time as well as not only was he fantastic company it is always nice to show someone else your little slice of life.
We walked the village, saw the river and ate all sorts of thai food. We went to town and he held my hand while I had more dog bite needles at the hospital. He visited a massive temple ceremony twice and cooked pork ribs over the coals while enjoying a few local beers.
I managed to convince him (it didn’t take much) that he needed to sample the local rice whisky otherwise known as Lao khao. I poured him a generous shot at the back of my brother in laws shop and for some reason he didn’t ask for a second one.

Psyching himself up.

Psyching himself up.

Down the hatch

Down the hatch

The aftermath!

The aftermath!

He was my first visitor since we arrived late last year and if everyone who follows in his footsteps is as nice as Ben then I am going to have some great times ahead of me.
Speaking of visitors my next one is just two days away. My best mate Clint is on his way for a three day visit. It is more business then pleasure but that doesn’t make me any less excited to see him.

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  1. Aroi mai 😆 Sometimes I tested it Lao Kao, usually I vomit 😉

  2. I can see Ben has got three fillings and a chest that is about to explode. Lao khao, nasty stuff and best left alone.

    MeMock replied “Wise words from a wise man!”

  3. Wow Andrew…..that was a lot of catching up to do but very addictively readable and now we know why you’re in Ubon. Seerung finally gets to live her dream, with a wonderful house husband to look after her and the girls. We’ll be praying for a house[with a big yard??] and that the customers start rolling in……can’t wait to see photos of your cafe. Wow!!

    MeMock replied “Hiya Boltens, so great to hear from you. So glad you were able to read right back and catch up on everything that has been going on and what has lead up to us moving to Ubon. You are right, Seerung finally gets to live her dream, two years later then we had hoped for but better late then never as they say. We are both currently doing 12 hours a day with the shop getting it ready and I can’t wait to take a backwards step so that I can start playing house husband again. A house with a big yard is definitely the plan and we hope it isn’t too far away. Actually tonight I got a good lead from my neurosurgeon who did my back surgery so will make contact tomorrow with his contact.
    Will post pics very soon of the shop as soon as it is open.”

  4. the family and friends used to do there best to get me pissed on the stuff but i would always drink a glass of water in between and eat
    many a time my wife’s uncle and brother have passed out trying to do me in
    i just had my birthday in ban dung and they made some of that milky sweet cocktail from powder i must have done in 20 glasses i was totally shit faced but very happy

  5. lao khao best left to the locals lol vowed over 20 years ago never to touch the stuff again, mind you mehkong (monkey whisky) is nearly as bad


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  9. My “father in law” 78, cycles up the road for a litre in a plastic bag, which he decants into a bottle with all the care of a man possessed. He is such a lovely guy, offering me a shot for breakfast! Which i often accept. He would prefer opium but cant afford it. He is an Akha refugee from Burma and stateless

  10. Tiger Bones is better than 40 degrees in my opinion but I don’t mind law khaaw at all. I honestly prefer it to sang som.

    • Tiger bones? Where is that from? If tiger bones is better then Lao Khao but you actually like Lak Khao then tiger bones sounds ghastly!! You must have a cast iron liver!

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  12. Пломбы нужно было подфотошопить)

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