Stage two surges ahead

A few months ago I wrote a post about stage 2 of our house plan.

I wrote about our desire to knock down the building next door so that we could create a tropical escape for us and the kids. With our trip to NZ/AUS and then Por Yais death it got put on the back burner but not for long.

When I was in Laos and just a few days after the funeral of Por Yai one of his close friends was walking down the road past his final home when he commented that every time he saw the place it made him sad so when we were going to pull it down like was originally planned. It was quickly decided that nothing was really holding up the project and that it might be very therapeutic for some people and withing 24 hours the job was started and 24 hours later the job was finished.

Dozens of people turned up to help out and almost everything was salvaged for one thing or another. Most of it was saved for my brother in law Khum to build a shed out on his rice farm.

This is what the view was like from our balcony before work begun.

Original garden pic

And here are some pics showing the progress. I really like the one with my two girls watching proceedings.











With everything removed it was time to build the land up to the same height as our house which means raising the entire block over 1 metre in height. Of course that will be another post another time!

In Peppers Bakery and Cafe news we getting very close to opening the doors to the public. A few more days tweaking the menu and it will be all go. We finalised the staff today which was a great relief. All the shop signs are due over the next few days. Staff uniforms were printed today and coffee is already being produced for eager staff and friends and initial responses have been very favourable.

I haven’t been in the shop that much the last few days as my best mate has been in town for the last 48 hours and he heads home tomorrow. It has been great to see him again but it has also been a very busy time. I have also been unwell and even worst Marisah had a night of vomiting two nights ago and a day of bottom vomiting today. Tonight thank goodness she seemed rather frisky and well!

6 Responses to Stage two surges ahead

  1. What a transformaton now wth the buldng demolshed. I am sure t would have been very therapeutc for all that helped.

    As for “bottom vomtng” the mnd boggles!!
    Love Mum

  2. Could you also please post the pctures of you workng durng the demolton !!

    MeMock repled “I was too busy luggng logs around the Laos countrysde when all ths was gong on!”

  3. Hope you wll remove the concrete base before fllng wth sol? One meter wll provde enough sol depth for most thngs to grow okay, especally grass, but I stll thnk t would be better to at least break up the concrete for better dranage and allow roots to go down through the gaps to search for water n the dry season.

    MeMock repled “When I frst read your comment I thought of course we would of and then thought twce when I realsed what country I am n! I just asked my wfe and she assures me t was rpped up wth a tractor whch s good news!”

  4. Where dd the two very large pots go ???

  5. The pots are stll there Doug!

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