Mmmm Coffee in Ubon

coffee in ubon 1

coffee in ubon 2

coffee in ubon 3

coffee in ubon 4

coffee in ubon 5

Now available at Peppers.

6 responses to “Mmmm Coffee in Ubon

  1. Yum – is that chocolate or cinnamon on top? How much will it cost me?

    MeMock replied ” Chocolate and it would cost 35 baht. ($1.40 AUS)

  2. Congrat guys, have been reading the progress updates and will be there soon to enjoy a real coffee and also sample some food.

    Wish you guys all the best in your venture and hope it is successful and keeps you out of trouble here in Ubon.

    MeMock replied “Can’t wait to finally meet you. As for keeping out of trouble, you are so correct there! 12 – 14 hour days does not leave much time for anything else!”

  3. Hello Andrew
    I wish we could be there for your grand opening. I’m sure the food and coffee will be wonderful and look forward to giving your menu a try some time in future. All the best for your new business. There have been many a time I’ve driven around looking for a good English breakfast so you are sure to be a big hit with the expat community. Cheers matey.

    MeMock replied “Thanks for planting the seed mate as it was you have told me that the place was for sale. When do you think you will next be over, would be great to finally meet you.”

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Someone asked me, “Do they have weetbix and vegemite on hot toast on their breakfast menu?” Guess where they come from?

    Michael Hare

    MeMock replied “Whilst we do not have weetbix on the menu I can assure that that Vegemite is available!”

  5. Mmmmm coffee… I really, really, need some…

    Good luck on your new project. I’ll certainly be checking here to read all about your expat trials and tribulations!

  6. I was supposed to go to Ubon in March but only made it as far as Surin. Glad I didn’t make it because next time I’m in Thailand, I will have motivation, namely espresso and cafe mocha, to get myself to your fine restaurant. All the food, bake goods and coffee look wonderful.

    Been following your reports and wish you good luck on your business venture. I have many friends in the biz and know it’s not easy. At all. So all the best.


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