Mmmm Cake in Ubon

cake in ubon

Cake in Ubon

cake in Ubon

Cake in Ubon

Now available at Peppers.

7 responses to “Mmmm Cake in Ubon

  1. Hi Team Peppers,

    Delicious wholewheat bread you made today. Just right. Leaves all the other wholewheat bread places in town (Lotus, Cafe de dor in front of Robinsons, Big C) for dead They are just pretenders. I will buy 2 times a week at least. If you can wholebread buns that would be extra special.

    A suggestion if I may. Can you make smaller length loafs as well? And if you can slice that would be an advantage for those of us with blunt knives at home.

    I reckon everything is looking good at Peppers. The word is out. Expect a flood of people in over the weekend.

    If you can get the Thais in you are made.



    MeMock replied “Hi Michael, thank you so much for your kind words and especially the ones you gave in person today to Ben and I. I have already passed your message on and whole wheat rolls I doubt will be too far away. We will also discuss your other suggestions tomorrow. I look forward to your next visit.”

  2. Great, it is 10.42pm and I just seen this. Thanks guys now I want to eat cake :).

    Looks delicious.

    MeMock replied “Wait till you see the pics of the bread tomorrow!! Anyway, I just read your blog and you said you were having an early night so why are you still awake???”

  3. So you have a business strategy but what is the strategy for you to keep the wasteline trim!!

    MeMock replied “offer the best food and service so that I am run of my feet and have no time to sample any of the products!”

  4. Awsum to see that you are finally in operation. I can tell be the fine look of the cakes and the bread that you have absolutely nothing to do with their preparation Andrew. Best wishes to Seerung and the Peppers team. Will have to come over and try the food some time

    MeMock replied “haha you’ll keep! Would love to see you some time.”

  5. I couldn’t sleep. Too many late nights over holidays.

  6. Mars Bar Cheesecake recipe is going to need a whole page. It’s simple [bit wordy when Rose Clark wrote it out though] but I’ll need to email it to you so not too many people get the recipe!!

  7. I’ll never be able to compete with all of this. Even the bread looks better than mine – maybe I inspired you?!!

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