Peppers Bakery and Cafe, Ubon Ratchatani

Peppers Bakery and Cafe, Ubon

Just in case it hadn’t sunk in yet with my last three blogs, Peppers is in fact open for business.
We opened on Monday morning at 7am and did a very steady few days trade which was encouraging. Wednesday and Thursday were a little quiet but it has picked up again today.
Apart from the coffee, cake and bread etc we also have a breakfast menu available all day, as well as Thai and Western food. This is available until 4pm when the kitchen closes but the shop remains open until 6.30pm, 7 days a week.
If you live in Ubon or are visiting then please feel free to drop in, we would love to see you.

Peppers Bakery & Cafe, Ubon

Peppers Bakery & Cafe, Ubon

Peppers Bakery & Cafe, Ubon

Peppers Bakery & Cafe, Ubon

Peppers Bakery & Cafe, Ubon

15 responses to “Peppers Bakery and Cafe, Ubon Ratchatani

  1. Wow Andrew,The restaurant has come up a treat,looks fantastic!I saw a big air seeder going over your place yesterday,thought you might be interested,Cheers,Arty

  2. What about a nice photo of all the smiling staff. Don’t be shy. The customers will be in next week I guarantee it.


  3. Too bad that I live so far from that flattering place but I feel this appetizing smell anyway. Dammit! I need right now a cup of good coffee (cafe royale or smth. like this).
    Best greetings and success from Estonia

  4. Wow , I am so impressed at what a great looking you created , wish I were there to give you a good size chunk of my monthly check ha ha . congratulations to you and the staff. Malcolm
    I don’t know if you knew , but I was in the restaurant business for 40 years.

  5. And we thought that you were just a pretty face !!!! You have done a great job based upon the pictures so far – all the best as you move forward. Don’t eat/drink too many of the profits!!
    PS> When do you open the next one in the franchise?

  6. If it smells and tastes as good as it looks I’m sure you will do wonderfully well. Would love to try one of Seerung’s yummy lunches, followed by a delicious piece of cake and a latte 🙂 Linda

  7. Congrats on your opening. And excellent going on screening off an area to sit outside. Too often, outside seating is right there in foot traffic and sometimes motorcycle traffic too.

    MeMock replied “Thanks Catherine, it is so hot at the moment that only the smokers currently sit outside but hopefully when the weather cools off a little the ‘verandah’ will be packed!”

  8. Damn!Nice place my friend.I am a very big “Starbucks” type of person…!I would never have believed that Thailand in three short years has Coffee houses on just about every Soi in Bkk..Funny,but i would bet a thousand dollars three years ago this would not be the case!I have found Coffee houses everywhere in Thailand,since my first visit three years ago.You have a wonderful looking operation,and i will stop by and visit with you next trip to the family farm.”Boon’s” wife,Mother Sawat is now staying with Amporn and myself in Sai Mai after the death of “Phu Yai” and the family farm is being taken care of by my wife’s sister and husband.James

  9. ton frankenmolen

    Will be in ubon in september.What is the address of peppers .kind regards

    • Hi Ton, the address is 297 Uppalisan Road. Best way to find it is find the main entrance to the wing 21 airforce base. We are about 50m east of that.

  10. Hi,
    just wonder that I found you here ,I and my daughter just move to province and start to do small business ,I often pass the cafe of you ,I’m looking go get nice coffee ( my test ) at here but not really yet get it,so I saw your shop ,but the problem I can’t find the parking …,so where I can park and come to your shop ….,looking for someday ^___^

  11. Which songtaew line will get me to Peppers? I sadly, do not have a motorcycle!

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