Cutting board anyone?

All around Thailand you will see sales people peddling various wares. Usually it is only one particular item. The broom man with his cart of brooms, the bucket man with his cart of buckets etc but up until yesterday I had never seen the chopping block man until he decided to take a break out the front of the shop.

chopping block

2 responses to “Cutting board anyone?

  1. How many did you buy? , you could probably use a few in the store. They are made out of the Tamarine tree. much like a birch or oak chopping block . when we cut down one in our back yard , the man cut out about 15 cutting board and I kept three and the rest we gave as presents to our neighbors ,after they dried in the sun for a week or two. some of the folks were using old cutting board 10 and 15 years old and were soooo glad to get a new one . The larger ones sell for about 125 baht around here. I use mine ,one for meat ,one for fish and chicken, and one for veggies , and it is a good thing to use a cap full of bleach in a gal of water and clean and sanitize them often , and don’t use just one for everything as it will cause cross contamination, which will cause e-coli which will cause the famous trots all night. ha ha Malcolm

  2. I’ve never seen a chopping block seller before either. I assumed that most Thai’s just made their own like my girls family does.

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