Shop update

I can’t believe that the shop has now been opened for 12 days already! It started off busy then became quiet before roaring back to life last weekend.
It is impossible to see any patterns emerging yet in regards to traffic as it is still early days. This makes it really hard trying to organise any kind of staff roster.
Overall we are very happy with the way it is going. We are still ironing out a few bugs but that was to be expected. We are already having repeat customers, some of them multiple times. We are getting some good feedback on some of our food, in-particular our Peppers Pies, eggs benedict and our huge hamburger. No one seems to be leaving hungry!
Our apple pie is also receiving rave reviews and we have to keep doubling our recipe!
The biggest disappointment is that our cook left after just 7 days and with no notice at all. He just stopped coming to work. This has meant that Ben and I have been in the kitchen a lot more then we really wanted to. Apart from a new cook we also need another person for out the front. This will start to allow a little time off for the girls but is also imperative because Nong is pregnant and will be going back soon to New Zealand to have the baby. Ben will follow soon after leaving just Seerung and I here for at least 3 months by ourselves.
If any readers out there have any suggestions regarding these two positions I would love to hear from you!

3 responses to “Shop update

  1. Cooks in Thailand are like revolving doors…you’ll probably be going through a bunch of them if my friends hotel is any gauge. He’s been through 6 cooks in the past year and they all did the same thing yours did, just stopped coming.

    MeMock replied “6 in a year? Crikey!”

  2. Maybe buy one of those Japanese robots? It will only take about 70 years for it to pay itself off

    MeMock replied “If it mean I could have a day or two off then I will take two of them! Where do I sign up? 🙂 “

  3. I asked around-my maid and other people who may know someone. I asked a Thai lady who lives not far away who was engaged to an Australian who recently died. This lady has been to Australia and speaks everyday single English. She seemed keen. I gave her your shop phone number but when I asked her if she had rung you up she said she was so busy planning the building of a new house she didn’t have time. But she really wants a job.

    I think many like to work their own hours with flexible time. VERY flexible time.


    MeMock replied “Hi Michael, Thanks so much for putting the word out for us. The girl in question did come and see us yesterday. Seemed very nice but she said that she attempted to ride a motorbike to the shop but was too scared so had to get a friend to bring her instead which would mean she would be unsuited for the job. Back to the drawing board!”

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