Pies in Ubon

Yes, now there are real pies in Ubon! At Peppers we have chunky pepper, bacon & egg as well as mince. Served with salad and chips or mashed potato and peas.

Here is a chunky one for you to have a look at.

pie peas and mash at Peppers bakery and Cafe

This photo was taken by Nootprapa when she visited for lunch a few days ago. Nootprapa also uploaded some other photos as well on her website which you can check out here.

We also do sweet pies and currently have apple, blueberry, taro and pineapple available. Here is a photo of the blueberry pie.

blueberry pie at peppers Bakery & Cafe

This is the taro pie alongside a savoury chicken pie.

Taro pie and chiken pie at Peppers Bakery & Cafec

Don’t forget our yummy croissants and biscuits!

croissants at Peppers Bakery and Cafe

biscuits at Peppers Bakery and Cafe

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  1. Mmm. Looks tasty! But just a bit of a drive from Chiang Mai 🙁

    Still a trip to my wife2B’s homeland is very likely in a couple of months, so if Ubon is on the itinerary, we shall be sure to drop by!

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