A flying visit

Keeping the flying theme going here, I made a flying visit home to the village to pick up more items now that we have found a house to live in.

A little over a week ago after much searching we finally found a house. It is owned by a lady from the Philippines who is a Doctor here in Ubon.

It is a two story, four bedroom place in a fantastic location. It is only about 100 metres from the Sunee Grand Hotel which has a supermarket, swimming pool, gym (next month) and shopping centre. It is 2km from Peppers and only takes a few minutes to get to work in the morning and a little longer in the evening.
Plenty of room for the kids to ride their bikes and play outside which was my main requirement when looking for a property. It was so nice to move out of the hotel room and the place feels like a mansion compared to the shoe box that we were in.

So for the last week I have been itching to get back to the village to get a ute load of effects so that we could actually start enjoying the new house. Microwave, rice cooker, pots and pans, pillows, towels and bedding. Food from the pantry, office desk and chair, bookshelves, paper work, bicycle and clothes etc etc.

ute full

I decided to take the kids and Joy came as well. Joy is a girl from the village who has been helping us out with the kids recently. We left at 8am and arrived at 10.30 am. Spent an hour catching up with everyone before taking another hour to load the car. Having been working in air conditioning the last four weeks I had totally forgotten how hot it actually is outside! With everything loaded we had intended to stay for lunch but with rain clouds starting to form we decided to get home as quick as possible. A quick stop for some sticky rice and grilled chicken half way back to Ubon and we were back by 3pm.

I really missed not having Por Yai there to great us like usual. The place sure is different without him there. It was great to see everyone again and they are all looking forward to coming and spending a few nights in our new place and trying out the new shop.

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  1. Memock, looks things are falling in place for you and the family , hope all is well up there and will try to make a visit before the summer is over , all the pictures of the bakery goods made me remember all the good stuff I love , and had almost forgot , only to have my memory joged by the great pics , I could almost smell the pies ha ha . Malcolm

    MeMock replied “mate, it would be fantastic to have you and ciejay come and visit sometime. It would be great to meet you both.”

  2. Sounds like a good location and great spot for the kids. You can take them to water-world next door at the hotel.

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