Sat TV finally! Well sort of…

A few months ago I blogged about here getting satellite TV and how excited I was to finally get to watch the Australia channel just as soon as we bought a TV. Well we never did buy that TV and the dish has sat there ever since gathering dust until my trip back the other day. I got my brother in law to pull it down so I could bring it to our new place here in Ubon which came with a TV. I found a local sat guru who came around and set it up for me on Friday.
It was just in time as that night my favourite team was playing real football I was so excited to get to see my first came of footy in almost two years and for it to be my team they were showing was an added bonus. I settled in for a great night on the sofa until a storm blew in from the west and just 15 minutes into the first quarter the signal disappeared and remained like that until the end of the game.
Wasn’t such a bad thing I guess as I read on line the next morning that we got flogged anyway.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    At least you were able to watch a little of your “real football” which I have not been able to do for 5 years. You see 5 years ago ESPN/STAR stopped broadcasting live (even replays) of real football, RUGBY UNION, from down under. No tri-nations, no Aust vs South Africa vs All Blacks, Nothing. I believe it is a rights thing with Murdoch and Sanzar.

    So all I get is the tame 6 nations from the UK.

    Even the Lions vs Springboks games in June won’t be shown and they only happen every 12 years.

    So we are forced to watch fairies playing soccer from the Premier League on nearly every sports channel. Thank goodness for the remote.



    MeMock replied “It looks like you need to get what I have. Have a look at this link to see the sports that you can watch. This is one of the channels I get which costs 200 baht a month to have.”

  2. Yep, you got flogged.
    “…..we are the navy blues, the old dark navy blues……. we are the champions…..the famous old dark blues”


    MeMock replied “Grrrrrrrrr”

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