Six years!

I can’t believe that six years have past since I married my beautiful wife Seerung. On our wedding day instead of the traditional wedding cake I organised a five tiered pizza as the official cake. Since then, every wedding anniversary we have celebrated with some kind of pizza theme.
Yesterday Ben secretly made up a pizza in the shape of a love heart which I surprised Seerung with when we got home yesterday evening. (She is yet to remember a single anniversary so it is always me who does the organising.) Due to the serious lack of time we have been able to spend with the kids recently we decided that they would have to come with us as well. Although we were both tired we managed to shower and dress up into our finest for dinner at the Sunee Grand Hotel which is no more then 100 metres away from our house.
This is a new hotel in Ubon and is rumoured to be trying for a 5 star rating. Some parts of it are still under construction. We took a bottle of wine with us that we had be saving for a special occasion as well as the pizza.

wedding anniversary

We ordered extra food to go with it and enjoyed watching the kids trying to slow dance to the music coming live from the piano.
The plan was for me to drop the kids home while Seerung had a massage and then I would walk back and join her. Unfortunately there was only one masseuse available so I left her there to enjoy it.
The food at the Sunee was edible but for the price very disappointing. Corkage was 200 baht. The service however was great and the atmosphere perfect for what we wanted.

2 responses to “Six years!

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve been twice to dine at Sunee Tower. Nice atmosphere but the food is fairly ordinary Thai-Chinese. We ordered a salad once and it came out smothered with that thick creamy mayonnaise that Thais love but I hate.

    Second time my son wore shorts and got bitten all over his legs by mosquitos. And this is suppose to be a 5-star hotel?

    I’m afraid there are far better restaurants in the city.

    Still to be able to walk from your house is a bonus.



    MeMock replied “Hi Michael yes the distance from our place is a bonus for sure, just a shame about the food!Covered in mozzies inside the restaurant? That is very poor form indeed. The mozzies sure are bad at out house but were okay at the sunee when we were there two nights ago.”

  2. It only seems like yesterday that I helped organise that pizza wedding cake – what fun! I do like the heart shaped one!

    MeMock replied “and what a fantastic job you did as well! My biggest regret of my wedding is that we never got a good quality close up pic of it!”

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