A second birthday for Marisah part 1

My curly haired monkey turned two last week.

My curly top monkey

My curly top monkey

It coincided with the day we moved into our new house along with a full day at work but we still managed to take the time to celebrate with her.
When the kids were exploring their new house for the very first time I quickly placed her present in the front yard and draped a blanket over it before calling her outside.
Obviously she was immediately curious and with her sister Ariya ran to investigate.


I wonder what is under here.

I wonder what is under here?

Whoops where did Marisah go?

Whoops where did Marisah go?


It was amazing watching the difference between Marisah and Ariya at similar ages. When we were in NZ our neighbours gave Ariya a bike when she was two and a half. She tried a few times to ride it but quickly lost interest and said she couldn’t do it. When we moved to Thailand and she turned three we bought her a bike. She had a love hate affair with it and really didn’t start riding it for at least a few months afterwards.
Marisah on the other hand with just two minutes of practise was scaring the pants of me by almost cycling out onto the road at the front of the house!
That evening we took her out to celebrate with pizza and ice cream (more pics to come in part 2.)

12 responses to “A second birthday for Marisah part 1

  1. Memock, what pretty little girls and I’ll bet you have your hands full just trying to keep up with them, and yes they (kids) are so different , one of the most frustating things for me as a father , I had three boys, and they each had different interest, different likes and dislikes, different abilities in sports and other things in life and it was a full time mental job just keeping up with them as they grew and changed from babies to kids to teens and then men, wow , how did I ever make it , by the way two are pastors in local churchs in the USA and one is an english school teacher here in Thailand . It was a full time job being a Dad , but what rewards I have reaped, for all my labors, You’ve just started on your journey as a Dad , and I hope you will feel the same joy as I feel when your little curly haired monkeys are grown and married with families and children(grandkids) of their own. Here I am preaching again, one more word , always remember this very important word “THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR KIDS IS TO LOVE THEIR MOTHER. ” Malcolm

    MeMock replied “Malcolm, that is a fantastic saying and I will remember it always. Isn’t it the truth though. Good parents = good kids and it sounds like you did pretty good on that front!”

  2. What beautiful little girls you have. I’ll bet you are putting off worrying about them reaching their teens!

    There is a real reason why little girls rule the world 😀

    MeMock replied “They certainly rule my world that’s for sure! I miss them so much when I am away from them which is too much at the moment.”

  3. The curly girlies sure look sweet and a big Happy Birthday to Marisah.

  4. MeMock:

    First, I enjoy reading your village/town life blog, and I’m especially interested in Ubon. Will visit later this year.

    May I add my best wishes to your growing family! Curly hair, though? Does that come from the male side of the family 😉

    To Malcolm (and CieJay): What a great sentiment! I, too, will remember that saying. (Now, all I have to do is find someone to direct that energy toward 🙂

    MeMock replied “G’day Rick, good luck in your quest to find someone to direct that energy towards! Actually it is funny that you assume the curly hair comes from me as although I am sure that most of it does my wife seems to have a half decent natural wave to her hair which more then likely helps as well!”

  5. jessicaletchford

    Ariya = Josh
    Marisah = Daniel

    Can you see the connection? 😀

  6. They are so adorable. I hope to be as lucky as you regarding kids.

  7. jessicaletchford

    Oh yeah… I forgot…

    Happy birthday Marisah!!!

    Please give her a hug for me!!!

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