Back from the big smoke

Monda morning saw me jump a Air Asia flight to Bangkok to meet up with my great friends the Martins.

They have just relocated to Bangkok for their long service leave which they will use as a base to have a great holiday and visit lots of fantastic places close by like Hong Kong, Malaysia and of course Ubon!

Two years ago I made a promise to Clint that no matter what happened I would make sure i would be with him and his family in Thailand when they arrived to help them get settled in.

With everything that has been happening recently it was pretty bad timing but I am glad I was able to get there and help them out. I flew down on Monday morning and we hit the ground running in our quest to find the perfect apartment. A lot of sweat later and by the end of the first day we had only found one place that was up for consideration. We did have a lot of other leads though. On Tuesday morning we hit a slightly different part of town before heading out to a place just over the river called the Masterview. It was the place that Seerung and I lived for 6 months back in 2004/05 and the Martins actually visited us whilst we were living there. It was never in consideration as a few weeks ago Seerung called them to enquire about a 3 bedroom apartment only to be told that none were available. After our first day of searching the Martins decided that perhaps a 3 bedroom place wasn’t all that necessary so we made contact with the Masterview again and they said they had a few available for us to look at.
Condos are notorious at decreasing in value very quickly and so I wasn’t so sure how the place would look. Imagine our surprise when we both thought that the place had actually improved with age!
Clint was wrapped and so we organised to come back on Wednesday morning with the entire family so that they could all have a look as well. Mrs Clint was also impressed and they chose an apartment on the spot – our old one! Yep exactly the same place they visited us all though years ago is now theirs for the next few months at least!
Back into town to organise money and then back again to sign the contract and pay the deposit. That afternoon I booked my flight home for midday the next day and then we all hit the town to celebrate. We went to Lumpini park first to meet with the Thai tutor that the Martins will be using for the next few months and then went onto the Food Loft at Chidlom. We met up with a good Kiwi friend of mine on the way as he works just a few hundred metres away. After a good feed we bundled Mrs Clint and the three kids into a taxi and sent them on their way while the three of went out and had a few drinks. It was a good night out and I even managed a little sleep in the next morning the first I have had in months.
I left the hotel at midday by taxi and the stupid driver proceeded to take a different way to the airport. While it was still a correct way I believe I could have got us there in half the time via two alternative routes. I don’t think he has made the airport trip all that often as he dropped me off at arrivals which meant another 5 minutes before I could check in which I just plain didn’t have. I rushed and made check in with exactly 31 minutes before departure and one minute before they were going to close the check in counters.
Straight home (via the shop) to see the kids then back to help Seerung pack up the shop. Today was another full day at work although it wasn’t too busy so quite enjoyable.
It is going to be a very busy next couple of days as apart from those being the busiest days at the shop, when we got home today we discovered to my surprise two of Seerungs sisters, two nieces as well as Joy’s (our nanny) Mum and two younger sisters waiting for us! Straight out to the market for seafood and then back home to cook, cook, eat, cook, cook and eat some more. They plan to stay here until Sunday as tomorrow is Seerungs birthday. At least we are due to knock off early tomorrow (4pm) so we will be able to spend a little bit of time together.

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  1. Happy Birthday Seerung!! I hope you enjoy the time with your family xx

  2. I am exhausted just reading. Congratulations Mrs Clint and Mr Clint on your new home for the next year. Is it the same building as where Arthur and Tracey were staying as well?

    MeMock replied “yep that’s the place – where you stayed with us as well.”

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