Red Shirt unrest in downtown Ubon

When I saw cars like this drive past my front gate this afternoon I knew something must be up at Sunee Grand Hotel not more then 100 metres away.


Out the back there were a lot of police but not much action. Apart from all the police on the road there were many more hiding in peoples front yards.


I walked through the complex and out the front it was all happening. The main road through Ubon had been blocked off. There seemed to be more brown shirts (police) then red ones. The red shirts were there to protest the arrival of Deputy Commerce Minister Alongkorn Polabutr. They broke through the first barrier when they saw his car arrive with a full police escort.





The police hardly put up a fight but they had it all planned as another line of police were waiting and with perfect timing pushed them to the side of the road while the car carrying who ever it was made a dash for the rear entrance and got there without any problem.







I didn’t see any violence or any arrests, I hope it stays like that. The only time anyone actually looked like getting arrested was this galah who decided after it was all over and they had opened the road to stage a one man sit in!


I had a long talk with a undercover security man who spoke flawless English who said he doubted it is over yet and expected some more trouble this evening. I really hope not as that would have to disrupt the concert tonight which I really wanted to go to.

Mind you, Ariya is really quite sick today with vomiting and a high temperature and complaining of a sore head so more then likely I wont be going anywhere. Seerung and Joy I am sure will drop in though (red shirt trouble permitting.)

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  1. Some great shots there mate!

    MeMock replied ‘Cheers, I had good fun taking them’

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