Home alone

Well not really as I will have my two beautiful little cherubs keeping me company!

Let me recap. About two weeks ago we were told about the local election for our village that was occurring on the 21st (tomorrow). It is for the position of village headman/chief. Apparently a cousin of my wife is running for the position. No problem there as it is a small village and it wouldn’t surprise me that a member of the family was in the running but it seems that this election is an important one. In the past there were election every four years for this position. The winner apart from the prestige the position brought also provided a half decent monthly salary of around 4,000 baht. ($160 AUS) per month. Of course the Thai way of life means that there will always be more money paid under the table then this.
Well the winner tomorrow will receive a monthly wage of 7,000 baht ($250) per month + kick backs but have the unbelievable position of never having to face another standard election again. Yep, that’s right, this position if for life unless there is some major problem. The only way he can be voted out is if 50% of the registered voters sign a petition (ie a vote of no confidence) and only then will a new election be called. Given the fact that so many registered voters live in Bangkok because of work commitments this would be almost impossible to organise.
So the stakes are even higher this time around but they were raised even further when the main opposition to our cousin started offering 1,000 baht ($38 AUS) to any voter in Bangkok to come home and vote for him! This of course fired up my wife who vowed on the spot to return home for the election to try and make sure that this corrupted individual does not win.
Joy, the Nanny of course is being dragged along to vote as well hence me being at home with the kids.
Originally I was going to drive everyone there and back again in the same day but with Marisah just coming good after sickness and Ariya being diagnosed today at the Doctors as having Tonsilittes that was out of the question. The girls now plan to catch an early bus. Not as early as they hoped though as at closing time tnight at the bakery we were asked to cater for almost 20 people for breakfast (take-way to be picked up at 7.45am) so they wont be leaving until after that is all finished.
As they are now taking the bus they will need to be gone for two days as the return bus leaves basically at the same time they will arrive.
Am I complaining? Not at all! I love spending time along with the kids without the interuptions. I told them tonight what was going on and asked Ariya if there was anything special that she would like to do and without any hesitation she said she wanted to go painting in the park, so tomorrow that is what we shall do.

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