Painting in the park

Yesterday I promised my daughter that I would take her to the park to do a painting.

In the centre of town 3kms from home is the Tung Sri Muang Park. The kids and I love going there and recently Ariya has really enjoyed doing some paintng there.

This lady copies the outlines onto a canvas which is affixed to a cheap plywood. For 20 bath (AUS 0.75 cents) you choose your piece of artwork and they supply the rest.


You can then choose from a selection of different cartoons which ones you would like to paint. Normally there is about three times the amount to choose from but I am assuming because of the wet season it was rather limited this time.


Ariya chose an Elephant riding a motorbike (this is Thailand after all) and Marisah choose a princess.




As I had expected Marisah lost interest after abut 3 minutes and went off to play on the play ground but Ariya stuck it out even with the pull of playing with her sister to make sure she finished her painting.


As a side note it is great to see that the water features in the park appear to be working again.


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  2. Coolios
    Looks like our list of activities is getting longer and longer for our visit which is great news.

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