A win, and two losses

Seerung got home yesterday afternoon after 36 hours in the village. I wrote a few days ago about her returning for the local election as she wanted to help her cousin get elected as she was very annoyed when she found out the the main opposition was offering 1,000 baht for people to return from Bangkok to vote.
After getting called into work early that morning Seerung and Joy weren’t ready until 9am for me to take them to the bus station. Just as we were leaving a phone call came through saying that someone was driving from Ubon to the village and a lift was on the offer. We met them at Sappasit Hospital where they had been keeping a vigil over their son who was in a serious condition after having some kind of ‘brain problem’ (but not a stroke I was told).
Apparently the counting of the vote that evening was interesting as the supporters of the main opposition had all voted early so that when they turned the box upside down and opened it ready for counting most of his votes were now on the top. After counting about half they were well and truly in the lead and had already started celebrating including telling someone to go and kill the cow that they had set aside for the celebrations that night.
Of course as they continued counting the tables very quickly turned and the cousin ended up winning by a comfortable margin of about 30 votes! I forgot to ask if they managed to get word to the would be cow assassinator before it was to late.
So that was the win, now for the two losses.

Loss number 1.

That afternoon the hospital called the people who gave the girls a lift to the village to tell them that there was noting that could be done for their son and that they were going to turn his machines off. They rushed back to Ubon to pick him up as they wanted him to die back home in the village. They only got half way back before he passed away. He was 30 years old.

Loss number 2.

The same afternoon Seerungs cousins wife took herself back to the local hospital. A few days ago she had gone there with shortness of breath, bad fly symptoms etc so they gave her the usual handful of pills and sent her home. She got worse so went back, this time they did an x-ray and then immediately sent her via ambulance to Ubon. She was still strong enough to walk to the ambulance at that stage. She died that night. She also was 30 years old. Doctors are saying swine flu but are sending away tests. I doubt anyone will hear the result of those tests.

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  1. Certainly not everyday life as we grew up to expect and full of surprises for you everyday day.

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