I hate Rats.

I remember as a 14 year old going rat hunting with my Father and Brother. I ended up being shot in the left foot.

Unfortunately there are heaps of them in Thailand.

Normally you notice them for a fleeting second as they scurry in and out of drains and rubbish bins but lately I have noticed them in more open places like major roads and parks.

Here are a few pics of some of them taken the other day at Tung Si Muang Park. The pics are taken with a 200mm lens fully extended and although they look small I estimate their size at around 30cm (1 foot) in length.


rats 2

*** EDIT ***

As a result of a readers comment I thought I should mention that Thais do indeed eat Rat, usually roasted over coals skewered with a stick. However you will only ever find this ‘out bush’ where the rats are country rats and not city rats.

rats 3

7 responses to “Rats

  1. skin & blister

    im with you i hate their tails the most… never tried cooked rat don’t they make that in the village?

    MeMock replied “I haven’t actually seen them cooked in the village but I have seen them for sale at the market about 10kms away.”

  2. So why are country rats better than city rats? Is it that city rats eat Macca’s and therefore are unhealthy?

    I don’t mind the rats, its the little mice that run fast that creep me out!

    MeMock replied “Ahhhh another reader who likes McDonalds I take it? 🙂 Farm rats are chemical free that’s why!”

  3. guilty! at least you’ve got an excuse for driving fast.

    MeMock replied “ahhh the man who pulled the trigger has decided to show his face!! It was my left foot you shot me in remember? The left foot that handles the clutch, not the go fast peddle! “

  4. No thats not it at all I was taking the p… although I do like their McCafe coffee and Frappe’s.

    MeMock “Thank goodness for that, I thought one of your kids had hijacked your computer for a few seconds there!”

  5. Rats are indeed everywhere in Thailand. And BKK has their fair share.

    There is government housing halfway between my condo and the main road.

    So to get here from there, I have to walk by rats so brazen, they sunbath in the afternoon.

    And if you walk up to them real slow, they start diving into the drains like a swarm of porpoises.

    It’s a pity as the rest of the stroll is quite picturesque. Also a pity, I have to warn visitors ahead of time.

    I asked a Thai friend about poisoning them – you know, just chuck some bits into their holes as I walk by? – but she was horrified that I even entertained the thought. Why?

  6. i can’t imagine if i must eating rat

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