Playing tourist

Over the next 9 days I hope that I will be posting lots of pics of the city of Ubon and the surrounding country side through the eyes of a visitor.

Yep, we have our first ‘major’ visitors here. My brother was here for 2 days a few weeks ago but he doesn’t really count as he has been here at least two times before. This time my best mate, Clint, his wife Barb, and their tribe of three kids are making their maiden voyage!

They arrived yesterday afternoon and after coffee at Peppers and checking into their hotel we spent the afternoon/evening hanging out at home. Over the next 9 days we hope to be visiting the Laos border, the village, a few national parks and other interesting places around Ubon. As long as Clint allows me to go to bed at a decent time at night I hope to provide a few interesting blogs for you all soon.

If you don’t trust my account of things then you can always read their views here.

3 responses to “Playing tourist

  1. Subscribed!

    Looking forward to viewing photos of the town I’m planning to visit late this year. If I may make a request and you’re around the train station, I wouldn’t mind seeing a photo or two of Ubon station. It’s always nice to see where you land. 🙂
    All the best

  2. Same as Rick in that I’m looking forward to seeing some pics of Ubon and the surrounding area. It’s always better if you have a picture or two in your head when reading blogs and I know you do often post photos but a few more will build the picture. I must admit that I had never heard of Ubon before I first started reading your blog but I now know a little bit about the place and one day I will get around to visiting it.

  3. Memock, just like Rick and Martyn , I am planning a trip ,I hope when the rainy season is over , I want to see and eat at Peppers and have a visit with the infamous blooger Memock , will look foward to all the pictures too ,Malcolm

    MeMock replied “Oh dear! Looks like I have really set myself up for a bit of blogging work given the quick responses to this particular post. Because I am so lazy I was thinking what I might do is actually download all the pics that my ‘tourist’ friends take before they leave for home so that way you really do see it through the eyes of a visitor.”

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