Nicks birthday

As I wrote earlier I have great friends, the Martins visiting us in Ubon at the moment and with the kids all getting along well we are have a great time.
On their first full day here it was Nicks 6th birthday.
In the morning it was breakfast and coffee (juice for the birthday boy) at Peppers

.down under breakfast at Peppers

Then we gave Nick his birthday present, I had been told he is a big lego fan at the moment so he seemed to like it!


We left the bakery at 11am and went off for a 2 hour driving tour of Ubon. Then it was back home to feed my kids and get them into bed while the martins went back to their hotel for a bit of the same.

We met up a few hours later and headed of to the Sunee water park. By the time we got their it was bucketing down and looked like it was going to hang around so we had to postpone that and instead went to Peppers to pick up the birthday cake and then another shop for a take away dinner. Back to our place where we ate before attacking the huge Lego birthday cake.





Then as a bonus surprise Clint pulled out his new toy which was a portable little plug in disco ball. We cranked up the music and the kids danced for ages to the impressive light and sound display.

Ariya and Rochelle doing the twist.

Uncle Clint with his hands full.

The kids sure did fall asleep quickly that night!

So apart from the rain it ended up being a good day, I hope Nick enjoyed it. Happy Birthday mate!

5 responses to “Nicks birthday

  1. The breakfast was yummy although it seemed to be missing something… Nick sure did have a great day, that’s for being such a great host we were so glad we could spend his birthday here with you guys.

  2. skin & blister

    what a great birthday cake… i’ll have to put in an order

    MeMock replied “anytime, just give us 24 hours notice and we can do just about any cake that you may want!”

  3. What a novel birthday cake, young Nick must have been over the moon. The plate of food in the top photo looks the stuff dreams are made of to most Thailand bound Englishmen. Top tucker.

  4. Yes I would have to agree with the above comment as My weekend brekky looks so similiar,here in Thailand.Simply delicious and scrumptious.
    Bored totally at the moment with the Thai family celebrating Mothers Day and of course her Royal Highness Queen Sirikit’s birthday..No Whiskey Khao for me of course ..

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