Phew, what a busy weekend!

Just got home from a busy weekend of travelling.

Coming very soon will be posts about…..

Wat Saprasansuk in Ubon.

The sunee water park in Ubon.

Pizza at Peppers.

The Chong Mek Border crossing with Laos and how not to cross the border.

The beautiful Sirindhorn Dam.

Thailand village life from the view finder of a first time visitor.

The most amazing photos from Huai Luang waterfall.

On the road in rural Thailand.

As I type I am downloading pics from the Martins and over the next few days I will attempt to organise them all (over 400 pics) and put them to just a few words to try and explain everything.

3 responses to “Phew, what a busy weekend!

  1. gee you have a go at me if I don’t blog 5 minutes after getting home… and you want the “next few days” pull ya finger out boy!

  2. Found the articles in the blog of some interest, but especially the Whiskey Khao .
    Never really been tempted to even experience a glass and having seen the devastating affects on local rural communities and their kin do not intend too!
    Having spent time in North Eastern, Eastern and Southern as well as Metropolitan Thailand I am happy to see people such as yourself investing time and money and forming marriage and business partnerships.
    I wish you and your kin all the best and the future of the Cafe every success.

    MeMock replied “Thank you for your kind words.”

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