Wat Saprasansuk, Ubon Ratchatani

Well here I am finally catching up on some blogs in an attempt to fulfil my promise to you made a few days ago. My friends left for Bangkok this morning so I will try and catch up on a few blogs before my next visitors arrive in a few days!

I only found out about Wat Saprasansuk a few days before the Martins arrived after seeing a few pics on Facebook taken by Mrs Darwin of we love ubon fame. I immediately thought that it would be a good place to take a family with kids.

Even though our trip was rushed due to leaving late as well as rain I am still glad we went. It is not the best maintained temple I have seen but it is rather unique due to a few different aspects.

The entrance to the temple for one is a little different!

elephant entrance to temple Wat Saprasansuk

The other aspect that I liked was that they had built a boat out onto a lake that was surrounded by heaps of fish that you were allowed to feed.

Wat Saprasansuk boat

There is a small shop selling handicrafts but apart from that we didn’t see anyone else while we were there apart from when we were leaving when a small mini bus with Thai tourists turned up. Not a single monk was to be found. I am assuming that they were all out at a ceremony somewhere.

Here some other photos that Clint took that day.

Wat Saprasansuk

Wat Saprasansuk 2

Wat Saprasansuk 3

Wat Saprasansuk 4

Wat Saprasansuk 5

Wat Saprasansuk 6

Wat Saprasansuk 7

Wat Saprasansuk 8

So, where is this temple? Good question! I really should learn how to include google earth place marks. It is located on the airport boundary at the north eastern end. Take soi 42 from the main road and follow the signs.

Coming up next… The Sunee water park in Ubon.

5 responses to “Wat Saprasansuk, Ubon Ratchatani

  1. If you wanted maps why didn’t you say just a simple click on the iPhone and a screen shot of the map and the temples location could have been yours… never mind, next time maybe! btw thanks again Mr Tourguide

  2. Hi Memok, it is a very interesting temple and I have blogged on it a few times. You missed one of teh best parts in the main Sala or hall.

    Ajarn Bun Mi the former abbot is laying in wake, for the last 5 years or so and his body is on display while they complete his Chedi.

    Anyway there are pics below and also more information if you want to read.

    ALso my mate did a great post as well here http://www.thenhbushman.com/2008/10/17/hungry-fish-a-hoax-and-an-awesome-grill-party/

    Thanks for sharing my friend, I will be in soon for pizza as soon as time permits

    Hi Brunty, “great links as usual! I must admit I do not do temples usually as to me they all look the same but the pics I saw of this one made me think twice. Although I read all your posts I must admit I tend to flick over the ones you do of temples around the place and so must have missed the report you had done.”

  3. me next please! Cant wait to show the kids elephants they love them but have never seen one up close

    MeMock replied errrr, sorry to disappoint you sis but that elephant isn’t real!” :)-

  4. I’ve visited this Temple after seeing it on Brunty’s blog. It really was a nice place to visit and the family enjoyed feeding the fish. It’s funny how my family is shocked that I know of so many interesting places in Ubon but I have to admit I have gotten them all from Brunty’s blog over the years. Now that I have a GPS I can actually find them when I visit. But I am still waiting for his GPS location of an inexpensive massage that he wrote about on his previous blog by two sight impaired women near Tesco. I am spoiled because when in Uttaradit I only pay 100 baht/hr. So unfortunately no massage for me in Ubon. To bad I am sure it would benefit both of us.
    Memock I am looking forward to your post about the kids language experiences and I would like to request another blog topic. This is another high priority for me. Finding an affordable house to rent in Ubon. I know you just went through it and I think it would be a great subject.

  5. Wouldn’t you know that I see the pic on my last day in Ubon! I’ll check in on the blog while I’m suffering through a midwestern winter back home.

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