Dengue Fever

I have Dengue Fever and I am not happy about it.

I have my sister and her two boys here visiting when 7 days ago I started feeling very average. My body ached but it was mainly my back. I thought it was because of my recent back injury and operation. I had been thinking of buying a new mattress for quite some time and that day despite feeling like rubbish and because my sister helped to push me in the right direction I managed to buy a good one and have it delivered. I was so looking forward to having a good night sleep but then only lasted for one hour as soon after hitting the sack the fever kicked in. High temps, shakes, sweats and sore eyes etc hit me for the rest of the night and the next 48 hours as well.
By the time I got to the Dr’s I was starting to feel a lot better (Wednesday) and the Dr shrugged off my blood test request and said I had influenza. On Thursday I was really starting to come good so the much put off trip to the village was put back on again and we left on Friday morning. By Friday afternoon I was a shaking mess again and to top it all off both my kids had picked up a 24 hour bug and were vomiting as often as the springboks were scoring tries. For non Rugby people, that is unfortunately way to often. In the car, in the bed, you name it. I was useless and thank fully my sister and my inlaws stepped up to the plate to help out. The next day we drove back to Ubon and I went straight to the hospital again

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  1. You will get over the dengue fever but the Wallabies will never get over their defeat!! Take care and get well.

  2. Mate, is it confirmed as Dengue? I am sorry to hear this.

    People don’t know how well spread the dengue virus is across Thailand, especially in southern Thailand where the rates are really high.

    I have done research on this for the Isaan region as some students were doing an English Project on the virus. Sadly many in the villagers know something about teh virus but hardly anything on ways of helping prevent the virus spreading.

    Anyway mate, we suck at Union, cricket, basketball and other sports we are also starting to lose our dominance in. It just isn’t cricket being beaten by the Poms, Kiwis.

    • It was really interesting listening to my SIL telling me that my rash was a good sign as it meant I was getting better. I actually told her that she had no idea and that I must be getting sicker! Of course a visit to the Dr and further internet research made me realise that she did know what she was talking about and obviously Dengue fever is quite common in the village.

  3. Just did quick click on your blog link – sorry to hear you’re crook and sorry too about the Rugby. We were in Fiji last week (sailed there on good friends yacht ‘Vara’ from Samoa via Wallis Island). Fist thing Fijian customs guys said was – did you hear NZ won the rugby — they are very passionate and really don’t mind who wins but they seemed fairly chuffed on this occasion.
    PS – Hope you’ve had a good birthday.
    Love Rose and Roger

  4. Sorry to hear about the dengue fever. Maybe you got it in the Sunee Tower hotel. I ate there last night and couldn’t believe how many mosquitos there were. Big fat ones with plenty of blood.

    I used to get malaria a lot. First contacted it in the Solomon Islands years ago when I worked on Malaita Island. Really lays one low.

    Sorry about the rugby on Saturday. What hurts more – losing to Kiwis or South Africans? I read that the South Africans say they are leading the way in both sports for others to follow which doesn’t say a lot for rugby at least.

    Spirio Zarvos, the sports writer in the Sydney Morning Herald, taught me History and English at secondary school 100 years ago. He says the the Wallabies are just not fit enough. Maybe it is a numbers game with just not enough players good enough for Robbie Deans to select.

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