Feeling better

The Dengue haze seems to have lifted. Apart from smashing your body from all directions it also seems to mess with your mind as the last 10 days really seems quite a blur.
It was so unfortunate that it happened while my sister and her boys were visiting but then on the other hand maybe it was a blessing that she was here as not having to worry about my kids well being while being sick was a very nice feeling indeed!
This morning I dropped them off at the airport and waved good bye as they flew off to Phuket for 4 days on the beach before heading back to Australia.
Although I felt I hardly spent anytime with them they said they had a fantastic time which is the main thing.
Hopefully now I will be able to get back to some more regular blogging as I still have about 4 or 5 trip reports to catch up on from when my last lot of visitors visited!

2 responses to “Feeling better

  1. Sorry to hear of the dengue.

    If it’s only 10 days you may be lucky. The books say two weeks but my worst bout of it, described in gory detail in “My Thai Girl and I” (chapter 9) gave me a fever for thirty days.

    And I’m nervous now. I’ve had a high fever for about five days and now I’m feeling grotty with a low grade fever and it doesnt seem to want to shift.

    I haven’t had any blood tests as I don’t think it’s dengue, just a bad throat infection, but I’m always woried it’s dengue.

    Diagnosis by blood test isn’t that easy. I wonder how conclusive yours was?

    I’m a little way west in the wilds of Surin and have only once been to Ubon twice. I should make it to see you one day!

    When we’ve recovered, that is!

    Choke dee!


    • Hi Andrew – thanks for saying hello, sorry for the delay in replying – things have been rather hectic around here. Have you been for blood tests yet? What were the results? Ubon isn’t that far away really so I really do hope that you make the drive out this way again sometime and drop in and say hello.

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