Sirindhorn Dam

A few weeks ago the Martin Mob and myself hit the road and went and checked out the beautiful Sirindhorn Dam. We had a good look around en route to Chong Mek and then decided to head back for Lunch.

Princess Sirindhorn is the second daughter of the King of Thailand and this place named in her honour is a regular ‘get a way’ for her.

It has a Hydro Power Station set up as well as accommodation and from what I have been told, the best golf course in north east Thailand. *Edit* I have done a golf course review here.

The gardens are beautiful and you could easily spend an hour just walking around them. You can also walk out onto the hydro dam wall if you like.

Free entry and well worth the drive from Ubon.

Nicholas checking out the Hydro scheme.

Sirindhorn 1

I think this is where the Princess stays.

Sirindhorn 2

And this is where us mere mortals can stay.

Sirindhorn 3

Yummy and very cheap lunch.

Sirindhorn 4

Bubba thought so as well!

Sirindhorn 5

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  1. Memock , looks like a add on to my places to visit when we travel up north , did you and the mortals stay for the night in one of the rooms or just had lunch and sight seeing ??? looked like a great place to relax for a few days and hit the golf course in you are up to it , me I just like to lay around and enjoy the beauty of it all . thanks for the good pictures and glad you’re feeling better . Malcolm

  2. Hi Malcolm, no we drove onto the village that arfo (blog to come) but I am looking forward to taking my family there for a day or two when we get a break from work.

  3. It is not so easy to stay in those bungalows. One has to have permission from the Irrigation Department or know “someone”. Next time you are there ask at the information office about staying. You have to book in advance. You can also ask at the Irrigation Department HQ in Ubon which is on Changsatnit Road down from the SK shopping centre on the other side of the Technical school.

  4. Hi Michael, when I was there I asked them about staying for a few days because I reckon it would be a great place to take my family for some R & R. They gave me a brochure which was all in Thai and gave me the impression it wouldn’t be a problem at all….. then again, this is Thailand!

  5. Hi I stay 5km away from the dam and can equally recommend the 9 hole golf course. Its a typical village type course buts its value for money and the staff a friendly. They have golf carts as well.

    • Hi Graham,
      Thanks for leaving a comment especially as it contained first hand information regarding the gold course. When my back is strong enough I look forward to heading down for a round or two. Do you come into Ubon often?

  6. Hi Memock, I live part time near Sirindhorn Dam. Was only there last week on holiday .. but yes as Ubon is about an hours drive from where we are to Ubon we probably get there about once a week doing the Tesco Lotus and Big C shopping run and depending on the wife and kids desire to spend my hard earned $. I will be back in Ubon in December so will make a point of letting you know so that game of golf can be had. Certainly in the Sirindhornin area Im the only foreign face so would be good to hook up .

  7. Hi Graham,
    Please drop into the Cafe in December when you return and introduce yourself, I look forward to seeing you then.

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