Ubon Ratchatani from the air Take II

Well I am none the wiser but the only way around the Thai Police problem was by reducing the size of the photos! So below is what I wanted to say earlier today…

I have been sitting on these photos for a few weeks and was hoping to blog about them after finishing my other blogs of touring around Ubon. Due to work and health issues I haven’t had the time to finish those blogs so thought I would slip these pics in now so that you don’t think I have abandoned this blog!

They were supplied by a friend of mine called Nootprapa who got them herself from a friend at www.guideubon.com


Ubon Ratchatani 1

Ubon Ratchatani 2

Ubon Ratchatani 3

Ubon Ratchatani 4

2 responses to “Ubon Ratchatani from the air Take II

  1. I like the second photo down showing the hot air balloon set against the hazy background and Ubon disappearing into the background.

    Years back I was staying in Tak which is not too far from the Burma border and I was taking photos of the hotel I was staying at from the outside when security came along and politely asked me to stop. I was quite shocked when national security was quoted as the reason for it and my guess is that’s the reason behind yours.

  2. Of course it’s security. Ubon airport is an airforce base. As you know, whenever you approach Ubon on board a domestic flight, they announce that you are approaching Ubon and no camera photos are permitted. It is announced on every single flight.

    I was a little surprised that even the photos above were allowed to be posted. Normally the authorities wouldn’t even permit these photos to be shown.

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