Typhoon Ketsana hits Thailand.

Well not really but it is on it’s way and is already having a big affect around Ubon Ratchatani. The rain slowly started yesterday mid morning and has slowly built up to be a steady continuous shower then hasn’t slackened at all over night and now this morning. This is apparently the front of the now Tropical Depression so I am expecting a lot more rain then this. The wind picked up over night but is not dangerous. The cooler weather is certainly welcome and last night we slept without the air con for the first time in many months.

According to Facebook friends there are many roads already closed around Ubon, I am guessing these would be the ones closest to the river. I believe the worst is still to come and although I doubt there will be dangerous winds the flooding could be a different story.

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  1. Here on Koh Samui yet no rains, but very strong gust’s!

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