Quick Red v Yellow update

I just realised that I never updated the blog with the final outcome of the visit of the Thai PM, really sorry about that. It turned out as a real fizzer protest wise (always a good thing) but as I mentioned earlier it was good for business! One day we were inundated with hungry and thirsty red shirt protest organisers, the next day it was the yellow shirts and on the actual day it was the police, military and media outlets including a large one from Aljazerra.
That morning Ubon did seem a lot quieter and there was plenty of extra security across the road from the shop at the Air Force base.
air force security

An hour later the PM’s jet landed and he was then taken to his various engagements direct via helicopter (with two military choppers escorting it). Straight out to the rural villages he was visiting and then back to to the airport without ever having to set foot inside the city of Ubon.

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