Pancakes in Ubon

As much as I think that the pancakes at Peppers in Ubon are fantastic there is nothing quite like making them at home with your family and yes that includes the two and three year old kids!

We moved the gas burner to the floor for easier access for Ariya.

pancakes in ubon

Then Marisah decided it was time to add the eggs.

pancakes in ubon 1


pancakes in ubon 2

I’m so embarrassed.

panckaes in ubon 3


One response to “Pancakes in Ubon

  1. The third photo down of Ariya is a real cute one. Her eyes look almost as big as the two eggs in the photo.

    I love Thai pancakes or ‘roti’ as they are known. At about 11 baht apiece they are a tasty treat but the temptation is always to eat one too many. They’re a little heavy on the calories as well.

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