Bling Bling!

Most Thai people love a little bling! Amongst bus and truck drivers there seems to be some kind of competition to see who can fit the most lights/stickers/murals/speakers etc on their vehicles.

After a while you almost stop noticing it. Almost, that is until you see something out of the ordinary like I did just a few hours ago outside Sunee where this truck was unloading.

I mean seriously, how many mirrors do you really need??!!

bling 1

bling 2

bling 3

4 responses to “Bling Bling!

  1. I guess you have to watch your back in Thailand!!

  2. Great pic, strange but fascinating.

  3. Hah! Great fun! Have you noticed how much the Thais love the tubby, rubbery Michelin man? Even when it has nothing to do with what their shop is up to?

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