Happy 4th birthday Ariya!

Can it really be a full year ago since I blogged about my eldest daughters 3rd birthday?

This is the first time she has had two birthdays in the same country.

There is a lot of stress at work at the moment so I need to keep this short and sweet so have decided to split my blog on my beautiful girls birthday into a few different parts with not much writing but lots of photos.

First up it was her actual birthday on a Sunday which due to work meant we were not able to spend anytime with her on that day so decided to ignore it and tell her that her birthday was on a Tuesday where we both could get some time off in different shifts.

As soon as she woke up it was time to get her looking her best for the special day.



Marisah was watching on from half way up the stairs with much amusement.


When everyone was ready it was off to Peppers for a pizza breakfast!

Soon after two aunties and two cousins arrived after a 6 hour bus journey to help her celebrate. Part 2 to come.

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  1. Happy Birthday Ariya! What a lucky girl – gorgeous hair and pizza for breakfast – what could be better?!?

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