Kids at play

Like most parents I love watching my kids at play. Their imagination is sometimes amazing and at times it really is hard to keep up. The other day I suggested we make a little cubby house inside like I remember doing as a kid.
They were so excited that their eyes almost popped out of their heads.

So we set up the basic structure….

… and the girls set up a bedroom inside complete with blankets, pillows, teddy’s and toys.

I left them to it for a while and when I came back I was quick to notice that there must have been some kind of falling out as Marisah had decided to move her bedroom elsewhere!

2 responses to “Kids at play

  1. beth bec n elise loved reading about their cousins building their first cubbyhouse.

  2. aaah anne its definetly not the first cubby house we did the same thing with the same couches about 10 times while i was there only thing was it was STINKING HOT inside the cubby house so we had to put the small pedistle fan at one opening… and then the last time we did it one of the couches fell down and pinned flynn underneath!! we would read collin buccanen book with the disk playing, see if the girls recall that?

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