Christmas is coming, later for some of us!

We don’t really do Christmas in a big way like a lot of other people. We remember it of course for the real reason for the season, that being the birth of Jesus Christ, but tend to keep the festivities and gift giving etc very low key. It burdens me to see the frenzy that so many people get into in the lead up to the big day. Have I bought the right gift? Have I bought enough gifts? Do we have enough food? It also burdens me to see big business go out of its way to place this guilt trip upon so many people. People go into debt for goodness sake just to make sure that their kids have a dozen presents to rip into on Christmas day because they think they have to as that is what is expected.

Call me Grinch, stingy, heartless or whatever you like but that will never be the case in our family. Going to church, catching up with family and friends, good food and a few presents is the perfect Christmas day for us.

Of course, this does not stop us getting into the spirit of things when we can. In rural Thailand this can be a little hard but not impossible. Just around the corner from our home City Mall has put up a little display which the kids love walking to and having a look.

There is a really nice display that has been set up outside Index which we hope to see soon and will take and post some photos here.

This year we had planned to be at the beach with good friends for a few days over Christmas however they were unable to make it which now has turned into a very good thing as due to some work issues we also are unable to get the time off to celebrate. It all works out well in the end though as my parents and brother are coming to visit in January so we have decided that January 12 will be our Christmas day!

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  1. I agree – if only people realised the trap that have fallen into and appreciated the reason for the season and the family that they have. Hugs for the kids from us. Wish we were around the corner to share with you.

  2. You’re so right about Christmas, it’s a shame that the spirit of this season has been so trampled upon by the big corporate ad machine.

    Family, food, companionship and most of all compassion for others is what we should be focusing on, not only at Christmas, but especially so at this time.

    If your family will be there Jan 12th then that is the perfect time for you to celebrate!

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