Nok Air to replace Thai Airways in Ubon – February 5

On November 28 I blogged about an article in the Bangkok Post which mentioned that it seemed that the budget arm of Thai Airways, Nok air, might be replacing Thai airways on the Ubon to Bangkok route.
A friend of mine last night who has many friends who work at Thai airways said that it apparently is true and that the change over will happen on February 5.
When I blogged about it last month I wrote that i thought it was a good thing until a reader, Michael, reminded me that Nok Air uses Don Muang airport and not Suvarnabhumi (the main airport where every international flight arrives and departs.) This means that only one flight a day (Air Asia) will get you to Suvarnabhumi as apposed to the current four flights a day we currently have.

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  1. Hi Andrew, I’m enjoying reading your blog. We are taking airasia for my upcoming visit since thats the most convenient although that would mean getting up pretty early in the morning 🙂

    hey, I was wondering, I will be visiting ubon with my 18 and 12 year old daugthers. How safe is Ubon for us to wonder around?

    • Hi Rose,

      Glad you are enjoying the blog. In regards to your safety – you will not have a problem! I have no idea where you are from but I could almost guarantee it will be safer here!! As long as you are not staggering around drunk after midnight with 1,000 baht bills falling out of your pocket then you will not have any trouble.

      Hope you have a great trip and please feel free to ask any more questions if you need to.

  2. Thanks for the information 🙂 sorry I didnt introduce myself. Im from Malaysia and residing in Malaysia.

    Good to know that its safety is not an issue. I look forward so much to be there!! Perhaps I might even visit you at peppers : ))

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