Dickie Knee I presume?

Australia had a long running comedy show on Saturday nights for many years when I was a wee little tacker called hey Hey It’s Saturday. One of my favourite characters was Dickie Knee. He was a head on a stick so of course you only ever saw the back of him. He was always hassling out one of the stars of the show Molly Meldrum and the short exchanges between the two were quite brilliant.

Here is a screen shot of him at work.

When I put a hat on my youngest daughter Marisah this morning before going out I burst out laughing as it reminded me exactly of what Dickie Knee looked like so I couldn’t resist a photo.

3 responses to “Dickie Knee I presume?

  1. Memock, Happy New Year to you and your famil may this be a great year for all of you . Take care and Remember we only go around this way once so make the best of it .
    Malcolm and Ciejay

  2. Memock, Dickie Knee was certainly a funny part of that show. In my opinion he was the only funny part of HHIS. There is talk about it returning to channel 9 in 2010. Hopefully with another presenter. I am back in Oz with my family for the next couple of years but we holiday back in Khemarat, Ubon each year to catch up with family and friends. I have been to your restaurant about 4 or so years ago but I think this was before you operated it. I will drop in next time when we are in Ubon, probably xmas 2010.

    All the best,


    • Hi Carl,
      We drove very close to Khemarat this morning returning from our holiday. Thanks for saying hi and I look forward to seeing you when you next visit.

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