Christmas Day in Ubon, January 12

As I blogged about previously we had decided to celebrate Christmas on January 12 as that was the day after my parents arrived.

The kids had been asking me for the last two weeks ‘when Christmas was coming’ because ‘it takes too long!’

After the Christmas tree at the shop had reached it’s used by date we asked its owner if we could borrow it for just a few weeks more to take home to set it up for the kids much anticipated day.

My folks and good family friend Des arrived on schedule on the train from Bangkok and we headed straight off to Peppers to see Seerung and sort the visitors out with a much needed caffeine fix!

The next day was Christmas (for the kids) and we had a great morning of catching up and exchanging gifts. The next few days were spent showing them around and just hanging out together. Of course we had a business to run as well which always meant a change of plans just about every day but over all a good time was had by all.

After about five days my brother Paul arrived and so Dad, Des, Paul and I set sail for our business trip to Laos. This travel report will be coming soon.


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