Christmas… finally!

A few weeks back I blogged about postponing Christmas due to various reasons. I am so glad that I did as on Christmas morning we ended up having a meeting with our lawyers going over a business problem that we had at the time. Thankfully the day improved as we had shut the kitchen for a few days and so managed to sneak away from work to attend a party that we had been invited to. It was a really good afternoon and the day started to at least feel a little bit like Christmas.

We arrived home in the late afternoon and went through the motions of getting the kids fed and ready for bed. I remember sitting outside feeling a little sorry for myself because even though I had tried to convince myself that our Christmas wasn’t until January 12, I still missed that Christmas spirit on the actual day of Christ’s Birth, December 25.

That all changed though around about 9pm after the kids were in bed. Suddenly I heard Christmas carols and quickly discovered that they were not coming from the TV. I went outside and found a mini choir singing Christmas Carols in both Thai and English next door! I raced upstairs and woke the kids up and took them back down stairs to listen. As they finished singing for the neighbours they noticed us and asked if they could sing in out front yard. Of course we said yes!

So in they came and belted out four fantastic songs. I had tears in my eyes listening to the music that I was used to back home, the real reason for the season.

They were from a church who had a tradition of every Christmas night going around to all their members and singing a few tunes. Boy was I grateful!

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  1. There’s nothing like Carols to bring a tear to the eye !….lovely !

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