Electricity in Thailand

Many a foreigner visiting Thailand’s shores have shaken their head looking at the Thai power supply which at best could be called Spaghetti!

Now I am no expert on power but it really does amaze me how anyone can actually have a half decent power service when you look at the state of the actual lines.

It them really amazes me when I discover that I have a much better and constant power supply here then I ever did back home in Australia or New Zealand! The house that I am currently in has lost the power once in the last 8 months and then only for about 30 minutes!

A few weeks ago it looked like a car had smashed into a power pole about 100m away from my house causing it to lean at a very impressive angle!

Within a few days the local power boys were in attendance and had it fixed up in no time!

4 responses to “Electricity in Thailand

  1. how do they ever manage to identify each end of the wire and what goes where ???????

  2. You have put down a post I have been sitting on my backburner for a while as I took a few of these type of photos on my last trip. The electrical standards in Thailand do make me gasp at times and in our Isaan village power cuts are not too irregular an occurrence. When it rains in Thailand wear thick rubber soled shoes.

  3. Greetings Andrew! Now that ariel spagetti bowl looks familiar! It was even worse when I was stationed at Ubon RTAFB. (69) People would pirate elec. by tapping in to any convienient line. Brown outs were a way of life in town and the overheard wiring was frightening.

  4. I just noticed the linemen have on a harness and are using a boom truck. I think they used to just shinney up the poles in my time! HA! Don’t you just love technology? Note to Doug-I don’t think it matters! It was so bad sometimes in my room in town that my tape player would run backwards.
    Yeah, wear rubber shoes or stay inside in the rain.
    People used to get electrocuted making bootleg connections. Brings back old times. I think I dim my room light for awhile and put the record player on half speed. Ha!

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