Amusing Thai translation to English

What a busy week! After my Iast blog my parents, a family friend, the kids and I packed up and headed off to the village for 2 days arriving back with enough time to quickly drink a coffee at Peppers before going straight to the airport to drop our friend and my Dad off as they were heading home to Australia. My lovely Mum had offered to stay on for another week to help out (it was perfect timing!)

24 hours later Seerung and I were off to Bangkok for 36 hours for a business trip to sell some of our Agarwood to buyers there. Arriving back at 7am Seerung went straight to work and I went straight to bed!

My sister in law, her husband and one of their daughters arrived yesterday as the BIL is going to be working in the shop and SIL will be helping out both at the shop and at home (swapping with me.)

Mum flies out on Sunday which will be really sad. Yesterday Mum decided to pack up one of her bags early and obviously Ariya saw her doing that. Later that night when I put her to sleep she started to cry which is very unusual. I asked her what was wrong and she said that ‘Grandma is leaving’. I cheered her up by telling her that it isn’t for a few more days and Grandma went upstairs and gave her a cuddle as well. Sunday will be a sad day but at least she now has her cousin as a playmate which should side track her!

I haven’t forgotten the trip to Laos photos and now I have also received some great pics of the visit to the village via email from my Dad which will also be posted soon.

Now for the Amusing Thai to English translation. You see them everywhere travelling around this great country but for some reason this one amused me more then most.

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  1. Hey Andrew nice work,Just one question.Did you drink your 2 bottoms worth?

  2. Perhaps that’s where the drinkers saying comes from ” Bottoms up.”

  3. Nothing like a fresh bottom after a hard strenuous day.

    If you don’t have two bottoms every day, can you save them all up and have a huge bottom party the last day before you leave?

    I suppose this wouldn’t be allowed as you might make and ass of yourself..

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