Yes, yet another Thai update!

The rumours are still flying thick and fast and as there are so many people interested in what Thai airways are up to I thought it best I present any new information that comes my way. I need to stress that this is not confirmed and is just a rumour at this stage.

My informant emailed me and said “Hi Andrew! Got news from my friend yesterday about Thai Airways.
He said, they decided not to cancel Thai Air in Ubon BUT they will reduce the flight to 1 flight, and Nok Air 2 flights.
Stupid thing is that all Thai Air staffs have to move to BKK anyway, so it doesn’t make sense to let Nok Air control that 1 flight of Thai Air. The whole systems messed up 🙁 ”

It is also been reported on a local Thai Forum called Guide Ubon.

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  1. I go to Vietnam for a few days at the end of February. I have booked my flights-depart Ubon February 24 to Suvarnabhumi. Return March 8 from Suvarnabhumi to Ubon.

    I just checked with THAI on the Internet. All 3 daily flights are still running on March 8 according to their website. Running out of Suvarnabhumi

    But now Nok Air say on their website they have two daily flights from Don Mueang to Ubon. One early morning and one late evening flight, starting in March.

    So according to the respective web sites, Thai will continue as normal (3 daily flights) and Nok will have 2 daily flights.

    If that happens it should ease the congestion, as Thai seems to be almost fully booked most days.

    It will also give passengers the option of going to Don Mueang if they only have business in Bangkok.

    Today I asked Thai at the Ubon airport about my flight on Feb 8. Would I be able to amble around Suvarnabhumi when I arrive from Vietnam at 1300 hrs, or would I have to rush through town to Don Mueang to catch Nok?

    The lady replied that she didn’t know but I should check again upon my departure on Feb 24.

    So there you have it. Nok is coming. Nok websites say 2 flights a day, Nok is opening new booths at Ubon Airport, Nok operates from Don Mueang and Thai can’t give one a straight answer.

    If Thai do only operate 1 flight a day, my guess it would be the afternoon flight as this time is not operated by either Nok ar Air Asia.

    One last thing. Thai on their website state their price which includes all taxes. Nok state a price, say 560 baht one way, but later on put on the taxes. Nok would be taken to court for false pricing in other countries.

    • Hi Michael,

      I just checked a random date of Ubon to DM on march 10 returning the next day. The first price I saw was 790 baht per leg and that included taxes, nothing was added later. 1580 baht return is a steal. Please keep me up to date with any other information you may find out.

  2. You are correct Andrew with the taxes etc coming to 790 baht down on March 10 and 790 baht back on march 11.

    However, yesterday those amounts were definitely not there. Best to check daily.

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  4. I traveled once with Nok Air, never again lol. back in 2005 our plane plunged about 100 meters, although not far, it scared the crap out of everyone, the captain did not even say anything after it. you can find out more about flights in Thailan at Thai Forum.
    It is a decent forum

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